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Terms and Conditions to participate in ROC the Day:


ROC the Day is on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 from 12:00 am ET through 11:59:59 pm ET and gifts will only be accepted during this timeframe.

Organizations must register by November 10 to participate in and receive funds from ROC the Day.

An Organization registering for ROC the Day must certify the following:

  • The Organization is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) and not a private foundation under Code Section 509(a), or is a volunteer fire department, a volunteer ambulance corps or a war veteran organization meeting IRS guidelines for receiving charitable donations.
  • The Organization provides services within Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming and/or Yates County (the “Greater Rochester Area”) to Greater Rochester Area residents.
  • The Organization is in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and regulations including, but not limited to, the USA Patriot Act and all applicable anti-terrorist financing and asset control laws.
  • The Organization meets federal filing requirements for tax-exempt organizations.
  • The Organization is registered with the Charities Bureau of the New York State Attorney General and are current with all required filings, or can certify that the Organization is exempt from registration.
  • The Organization is governed by a governing body such as a Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, etc.
  • The Organization will not provide any benefit or privilege to a donor in return for their donation made during ROC the Day.
  • The Organization will use any funds designated to it through ROC the Day for charitable purposes as defined under Code Section 501(c)(3).
  • The Organization will comply with the Terms of ROC the Day Participation which may be amended at any time, in the sole discretion of the United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes.
  • The Organization will complete a payment authorization providing directions for the payment of designations that may be made to the Organization during ROC the Day and will return it to United Way as soon as possible to complete your approval, but no later than November 10, 2020, at noon ET; OR The Organization is already receiving Electronic Funds Transfer payments from the United Way of Greater Rochester and does not need to complete this form.

United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes has the sole discretion of deciding whether an Organization complies with the above items and is eligible for participation in ROC the Day.

Payments and donor information relating to ROC the Day will be made as follows:

  • All donor contributions and donor incentive funds made during ROC the Day will be remitted by January 19, 2022. Amounts paid will be net of the 3% processing fee.
  • A list of donors and their gift amounts for acknowledgement purposes will be available online to all participating agencies by December 7, 2021.

By registering to participate in ROC the Day, the Organization agrees: (a) to abide by the Terms of ROC the Day Participation; (b) to release and hold harmless the United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes and all its officers, directors, employees, agents or representatives from any and all claims, liability, loss or damage whatsoever arising with respect to ROC the Day; and (c) to consent to the use of the Organization’s name and logo without compensation in any publicity or advertising carried out in any medium in connection with ROC the Day without limitation or further notification.

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